Contrary to how everyone else on this site defines it, an oreo is an african american who betrays the black community by not embracing black heritage/insulting black heritage. It has nothing to do with how successful a person is or how they were raised. Any black that says oreos are simply people who are intellectuals, successful, etc is an oreo because they are basically saying blacks accept successful membereof the community.
Former RNC chairman Michael Steele is an oreo.
by CLLNS September 20, 2014
When 2 black men spit roast a white girl representing an Oreo cooking with the 2 biscuits representing the black guys and the white cream representing the white woman.
Hi Lucy me and Jerome were windering if you wanted to join us in an Oreo tonight?
by JJP553 August 24, 2014
OREO is a game where you play rock-paper-scissors and the winner gets to pick someone for the loser to ask out
Me: Hey Aaron, will you go out with me?
Aaron: Why?
Me: I lost at OREO
Aaron: No
by supermanhatesyou June 26, 2014
1) A racial slur used to describe black people who are civilised, get good grades, care about their future, don't talk all ghetto, don't listen to rap or R&B, have a large group friends, dress like white people, etc. Basically, they're black on the outside, and white on the inside. I'm black, and personally, I think this stereotype is completely and utterly stupid.

2) The best cookie ever made.
1) I'm a black girl who got straight A's on my report card, loves dubstep, shops at urban outfitters, and has a seemingly large group of friends. I guess I'm an Oreo.

2) I just ate the last Oreo.
by Otakubob Hipsterpants November 13, 2013
sometimes while having sex there is usually 2 black guys on the outside and usually a white girl in the middle of them or different genders but that is the most common way to make an oreo during sex.
Guy1: That oreo we had last night it was fucking amazing

Guy2: I know right that felt awesome we should do that again but it was a little awkward at first
Guy1:Youre a lil pussy
by Redhead_Abby2344 November 04, 2013
A sexual act involving two black men and a white woman. The three lay on top of each other, with the woman in the middle, thus creating an "oreo." The man and woman on the bottom engage in a 69, while the man on top either screws the woman anally or licks her asshole.
Me and my friend Kyle did all this crazy shit to this white girl last night! We even made an oreo!
by gogglyeyed October 26, 2013
The name given to a situation where a person of lighter skin is in between two people of darker skin.
After watching The Conjuring Binita climbed into her sister's bed as she did not want to sleep alone. At Binita's request Matt joined and created an Oreo.
by DaAuditor September 26, 2013
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