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The act of an African Male doing a White female from behind, and another African american male doing her in the V.
"Yo i heard Adam got oreo'd"

"Obviously he doesnt have natties.
by Cjl102 June 03, 2011
1 1
When you jizz in a hot black girls ass(dark dark not carmel) and she squeezes it out and her asshole looks like an oreo
Do you want an oreo? Sure!
by Trashcan,Eugine,Alex April 20, 2011
2 2
A process of which to black people squish a white person. (female or male)
Dude!!!! Oreo! SUCKAHH!!!
by Ares123 January 06, 2011
1 1
A sex position in which there is one white man in the middle of two black men. Other variations are the Double Stuf Oreo with two white men in between two black men, the Uh-Oh! Oreo with one black man in between two white men, and the Vanilla Oreo, which is just a threesome with three white men. This can describe gangbang sex or a hump train.
That oreo that I saw last night was amazing. Those two black guys just kept plowing the white guy until they all came.
by theoreoman January 05, 2011
2 2
When you cum in a black womans pussy , and then lick it out.
Man, I did the oreo to this black chick last night!
by HorneyLilFucker December 31, 2010
2 2
1.the food/cookie that couples partake in eating after fornication
2. can also be used as a synonym for sex or sexual activites
1. "Now that we've done that how bout some post-sex oreos?"
2. "Man, last night we had some 'oreos'"
by emerlock July 31, 2010
10 10
When a white-skinned individual becomes sandwiched between two obese or extremely overweight black-skinned individuals during a sexual encounter.
Friend 1: Dave brought those two black chicks home last night.
Friend 2: The huge ones?!
Friend 1: Yeah, I walked in on an Oreo.
by ThatBombAssDankAss September 11, 2013
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