The term used to identify a sexual interaction between two black people and one white.
Let's make an oreo! ;)
by legowarrior November 12, 2011
1) A delicious sandwich cookie, made up of two chocolate cookies and vanilla cream

2) A name for an African-American that often times acts more "white" than black. Black on the outside, white on the inside". These people often times have proper English, majority of white friends and other oreos, and listen to different types of music, which may or may not be rap/R&B.
1) Oreos are the best things in the world!

2) I am an oreo, and am proud. Some people find Oreos more acceptable than uh-oh oreos
by Oreo96 September 20, 2011
a beautiful black & white dog who is very smart, kind, and cute(unlike the negative def that describes black people in a negative way, honkeys!)
oreo is such a silly dog
by LuvBreOrHateBre June 18, 2011
A black person who acts white.

Black person on the outside... white person on the inside.
Wow, Tyra loves Lady Gaga and like HATES Niki Manaj and rap. And she's always with white people... you know what, she'a an Oreo.
by JessiD63 June 15, 2011
The act of an African Male doing a White female from behind, and another African american male doing her in the V.
"Yo i heard Adam got oreo'd"

"Obviously he doesnt have natties.
by Cjl102 June 03, 2011
When you jizz in a hot black girls ass(dark dark not carmel) and she squeezes it out and her asshole looks like an oreo
Do you want an oreo? Sure!
by Trashcan,Eugine,Alex April 20, 2011
A process of which to black people squish a white person. (female or male)
Dude!!!! Oreo! SUCKAHH!!!
by Ares123 January 06, 2011

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