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When two black men have sex with one white girl. One penetrates from the front (vaginally), the other penetrates from the back (anally). Thus, resembling an Oreo Cookie.

A specific type of threesome.
Situation 1) Brad: Whoa! Hey there my white friend, Chad!

Chad: Well hello white friend, Brad!

Brad: Say, Chad, did you hear about our white friend who is a girl and whose name is Sally? I heard she totally and 100% Oreo'd last night!

Chad: God she's so fucking hot.

Brad: Agreed!

Situation 2) Black Male 1: Yo, my black brothers! I have some shit to tell you!

Black Male 2: Yes!

Black Male 1: Black Male 2 and myself, Black Male 1, oreo'd with a white female last night!

Black Male 2: God she was so fucking hot.

Black Male 1: Agreed!
by thedoopie December 12, 2010
a game played with rock paper sissors.
The loser has to ask out the person of the winner's choice.

oreo is only good if ur a man/normal whore
by APersonWithAShittyKeyboard May 26, 2010
1: When @ a party two african americans sandwich a white girl while dancing

2: when two black guys a frame a white chick
guy 1 remember that party last night

guy 2 hell yea bro, we oreoed like five girls
by jbwes$ January 12, 2010
When a man cums on a woman's stomach/chest following sex and then they hug so that the cum is pressed between them like they are an oreo cookie.
After the couple had sex they made an oreo as they fell asleep.
by lr-box August 30, 2009
A threesome involving a sweet, fatty white chick and 2 crunchy black dudes.
That blimp over there got double stuffed when she got her oreo on with Demetrius and D'Brickashaw.
by logan cleever February 21, 2008
1. A cookie from Nabisco, queit tasty

2. A person with a black father and a white mother, see mulato

3. A black person who shows signs of "whiteness" dresses to white, looks to white, listens to white music. Usualy deragatory
1. i eat oreos because they are amazing

2. did you see Kurt Cobain? i heard he was an oreo.

3. That kid on the street is SUCH a fucking oreo...all he does is listen to country.
by In my Pants June 03, 2005
a negative term used by both black and white people against a black person who hates the fact that they are black and wants to be white. many female oreos (happens with males too, just not as much) use skin-bleaching products for lightening the tone of their skin. most oreos also believe that they are better then other black people and think they all are beneath them.

commonly mistaken for an oreo is a black person who 'talks proper', or uses correct grammar, gets good grades, has white friends, listens to music genres other than rap and r&b, etc.
damn dat nigga deion is such a oreo. can't believe he's talkin shit bout his race while kissin up to da white folks.
by MR.smith773 July 10, 2011