when a man creampies an ebony woman's ass
"Last night I gave LaQuanda an oreo, bro."
by Squidtaro September 02, 2015
Oreo is two blacks having sex with one Caucasian. Like a black-white-black sandwich.
There were two blacks on the subway. If I had gone with them, it would have been oreo time for me.
by Steff 320i July 29, 2014
*Black Person* *White Person* *Black Person*
"Ha Ha Ha! Look at that line. Their is an oreo."
by Marym123456 December 28, 2011
A sexual position involving two black females and one white male in the middle.
Last night me and these two hot black chicks had an oreo(;
by hayycutayy(: April 05, 2010
1) A racial slur used to describe black people who are civilised, get good grades, care about their future, don't talk all ghetto, don't listen to rap or R&B, have a large group friends, dress like white people, etc. Basically, they're black on the outside, and white on the inside. I'm black, and personally, I think this stereotype is completely and utterly stupid.

2) The best cookie ever made.
1) I'm a black girl who got straight A's on my report card, loves dubstep, shops at urban outfitters, and has a seemingly large group of friends. I guess I'm an Oreo.

2) I just ate the last Oreo.
by Otakubob Hipsterpants November 13, 2013
A sexual act involving two black men and a white woman. The three lay on top of each other, with the woman in the middle, thus creating an "oreo." The man and woman on the bottom engage in a 69, while the man on top either screws the woman anally or licks her asshole.
Me and my friend Kyle did all this crazy shit to this white girl last night! We even made an oreo!
by gogglyeyed October 26, 2013
A deragotry term for an African-American who is presumed to have rejected the values and traditions of their race and ethnicity, and instead has adopted the norms of dominant European-American culture. The characteristics of one defined as "oreo" are nebulous in that many can be attributed to existing African-American culture, or the culture of recent African immigrants. Some cite higher education status, middle-class and upper-class income, and conservative dress as means of identifying "an oreo." The main assumption is that this person has rejected African-American racial identity. The irony is that African-American rights activists, clergy, academic researchers on racial identity, and teachers could fit the "oreo" sterotype, if one is to base this term on higher socioeconomic class and all that comes with it. Few would argue that African-Americans in the aforementioned fields are "oreos."
"I guess I better let the NAACP know that one of their Black lawyers is an oreo because I wear tailored suits to court and have the writing skills to be published in The Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice. Or we could just spend less time insulting people and focus more on social justice. Just a thought."
by MadelineK September 12, 2013

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