A word used to describe a slut, reffering to her being filled with "white cream"
That girl is an oreo, always giving out head like her name's becky.
by aaayyyyeeee! November 10, 2009
when a man creams inside a black womans vagina
guy1-so what were you up to last night

Guy2hanging with laquisha making oreos
by creativchix July 12, 2009
A Sexual Act, where you Twist (His/Her Nipples) for arousal, Lick (Her Pussy/His Penis), then Dunk (Penis into Pussy).
I gave that chick a damn good oreo last night
by Jack L-H July 16, 2008
its a person mixed of black and white they r called oreos
a child with a black dad and white mom then it becomes an oreo
by been Dover August 19, 2007
the female orgasm. Preferably pronounced "or-e-OH!"
"Damn, that was good! I had five oreos."
by sprintchickhwv April 10, 2010
a very cute dog that is black in color and has a white stripe oh its belly.
look at my dog, she is such an oreo
by taxi driver August 12, 2007
A man ejaculates in a black women's butt crack and squishes it together
Ranisha lets do the oreo I herd it is deleicous.
by the oreo man99 February 20, 2011
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