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"Oreo" is a term to describe a Black person who "acts white" and displays a lot of so-called"White-traits". Many other Black people don't take too kindly to Oreos since we choose to pull up our pants, act like we at least passed 2nd Grade English and not spending all our day trying to "up our "swag".

Most Oreo's come from middle class, upper middle class or rich backgrounds and can't be bothered by ignorant ghetto trash. Most went to school with a lot of white people. Oreo guys usually dress very neat, some dress straight-preppy while others balance out the preppy look with the hip hop look. When Oreo guys get older they tend to wear Suits and Dress-Shirts since they will most likely be working good jobs instead of being in and out of prison to prove to others how "hard dey iz". The teenage girls tend to wear things like A&F, Hollister and AE and when they get older they tend to shop at higher end department stores and wear nice clothes.

A FEW Oreo's take it too far and end up being self-haters and racist against their own race WHICH IS NOT COOL.
Hoodrat: Dat nigga ova durr aint saggin his skinny-jeans, dat be'z an Oreo
by Oreosexyness October 17, 2011

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