a hand job (twist), blow job (lick) and root (dunk)
my wife gave me a mad oreo last night!
by aj zulu November 26, 2007
a nigger who is black on the outside, but white on the inside
Barrack Hussein Obama is an oreo
by dant1193 May 28, 2009
an african american who acts white, dresses white, and thinks he is white
Man, BJ, would you stop being such an oreo?
by your @$$ May 27, 2005
one who is slutty and is out all day likes to get laid
i was out like oreo usually is
by jmack123 April 11, 2009
person that is black on the out side but white on the inside
That oreo is to preppy.
by maplack October 10, 2006
A kid who is amazing annoying and gay, but is cool enough to play with *Evil* clan (www.evilrtcw2.com). This kid pwns in all moments of stress in a game, but is still a fag. He's so noob at wolfenstein enemy territory.
Oreo, stfu or I'll make you stfu! BIATCH!
by Wolfenstein dictionarist May 20, 2008
commonly misused, an oreo is NOT a black person who is diverse in his or her interests, but instead, an oreo is a black person who is not self-respecting and imitates another race of people in order to fit in. many female oreos use skin-bleaching creams for lightening the tone of their skin, rather than correctly using them to fade scars or spots. commonly mistaken for an oreo is a black person who 'talks proper', or uses correct grammar, gets good grades, or has white friends.

an oreo is a self-hating slime of the earth. consequently, most races have 'oreos' or people who do not respect themselves and do not like the race in which they were born.

an oreo can also be a black person who misuses the term oreo against someone who does not 'act black' . this type of oreo is simple-minded and does not seem to understand that the black race is diverse, thus limiting themselves to few outlets for their future. this is a deadly disease.

lastly, all oreos should be placed on a shuttle and sent to the sun to perish in the midst of a solar flare.

this is the true and correct definition.

Brittany is a dumb self-hating oreo. She keeps trying to be someone she's not, dumb truck.
by LJanineG TaylorV March 02, 2009

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