a negative term used by both black and white people against a black person who hates the fact that they are black and wants to be white. many female oreos (happens with males too, just not as much) use skin-bleaching products for lightening the tone of their skin. most oreos also believe that they are better then other black people and think they all are beneath them.

commonly mistaken for an oreo is a black person who 'talks proper', or uses correct grammar, gets good grades, has white friends, listens to music genres other than rap and r&b, etc.
damn dat nigga deion is such a oreo. can't believe he's talkin shit bout his race while kissin up to da white folks.
by MR.smith773 July 10, 2011
A black person at an all white school
"You hear bout the new guy who just joined the school? He's an oreo"

In Everybody hates Chris, Chris is a reverse Oreo
by Dolphus_Raymond January 04, 2011
When a black girl gets titty fucked by a white guy. He then ejaculates between her breasts, where either the male or female may proceed to lick off like an Oreo.
Wenei: DAMN, Sam made me a mean ass Oreo last night.
by Tameless Nuts March 29, 2010
Someone who is both black and white
Barack Obama is an oreo
by shellz975 December 19, 2009
A word used to describe a slut, reffering to her being filled with "white cream"
That girl is an oreo, always giving out head like her name's becky.
by aaayyyyeeee! November 10, 2009
when a man creams inside a black womans vagina
guy1-so what were you up to last night

Guy2hanging with laquisha making oreos
by creativchix July 12, 2009
A Sexual Act, where you Twist (His/Her Nipples) for arousal, Lick (Her Pussy/His Penis), then Dunk (Penis into Pussy).
I gave that chick a damn good oreo last night
by Jack L-H July 16, 2008

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