Oranging is when someone (generally and annoying know-it-all) bursts (uninvited) into a conversation.
Jason and I were like "Apples apples apples.." "Apples?"
Then Keith was all "ORANGES!"
by layziekayzie August 24, 2006
a person who tans so often they actually turn orange
A: "man she's hot"
B: "yeah but look at her....she's an orange"
by Skybreak March 14, 2007
1.Citrus fruit. (Yummy)

2.Smexy in a way that makes you look like a gorilla.

3. Best word ever!

Oranges is a word.

by felkgnkerjgn December 01, 2007
The sort of wanker living in N Ireland who thinks it's cool to march around in bowler hats and white gloves celebrating a 300 year old victory. I've got news for yez, lads, it isn't. It's fucking funny though.
Also a kind of fruit, but crucially different from an apple in that you never hear the phrase "Fuck off, ya wee apple bastard."
"Ulster says No, but the Man from Delmonte he say Yes, and he's an Orangeman too" - Rev Ian Paisley addressing a goatshagger's rally in Drumlister in 1988.

"Feck off yez useless Orange bastards" - 60,000 Celtic supporters at the last Rangers-Celtic game.
by Bearhunter March 23, 2006
From New Jersey. The hood, ghetto, or depressed area.
Let's go down to Orange for some White Castle and drugs.

Make sure you keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked in Orange.
by Dan A. August 19, 2004
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