a girl who puts on so much bloody foundation she turns orange. basically a slut.
"how much foundation does that girl need??"
"she's orange ffs"
by .x.kelly.x. June 23, 2007
Is a guy who lives in Melbourne, Australia, who is knowen for his EXTREME love of orange
guy talking to friend: Do you know orange?
friend: Yeah, he is pretty cool
by MR Egnaro April 30, 2010
an orange fruit.
that orange is orange.
by Michael F. December 23, 2003
An adjective referring to the qualities associated with the color worn by the Orangemen of Northern Ireland. These qualities include being a Unionist, a Protestant and a worthless Limey bastard.
It was fitting John wore an orange shirt on St.Patrick's Day because he was an orange unionist heathen bastard.
by oz November 07, 2003
A delicious citrus fruit rich in vitamin C used in a variety of different culinary contexts. Best known for it's sweet juice which often accompanies a healthy breakfast.
Man, these oranges taste good!
by Sccye July 26, 2005
a hybrid of marijuana
let's go smoke some orange
by pansy April 12, 2005
The colour UrbanDictionary was but now got changed to a dull dark brown.

Bring the UrbanDictionary's orange theme!
by Mister Ignorant March 29, 2004

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