Someone or something that is believably ugly or gross.
Eww that chick is so orange
by Nevermindthetime July 03, 2009
To describe a person that every girl wants to get with but are afraid to say anything for fear of reprisals from the other girls. All instances of an orange being in the room end in a very hot catfight.
Girl 1: Hey did you just dance with that orange?
Girl 2: Yeah, so?
Girl 1: You bitch!
by Orange Box April 28, 2009
usually used as a sexual innuendo by Rise Park residents who try to distance themselves from neighbouring Collier row and Romford 'slumdogs' as they think they are above it and is best described and used as an upper-class sexual innuendo
dnt eat oranges if you have a mouth ulcer, actually go on, eat them so i can hear of your pain...sexual pain
by PierreFromRomford February 17, 2009
something that nothing rhymes with. "Door hinge" does not rhyme with orange! notice the difference between -ange and -inge. A round delicious fruit. the best in the world.

oranges rock!!!! i love oranges. -inge and -ange are different, idiot!!!
by jamieson December 30, 2005
1.a particular species of girl
2.height impaired person
3.question of life name for union officials
1.she is as sweet as an orange
2.she aint getting any closer to the ground, what an orange.
3.ask me if i am an orange? on floor sif union my ass off
by Ben September 08, 2003
A very annoying fruit that like to hang out on Youtube with a Pear. Also, brings various other fruits to their deaths.
Orange - "Hey apple, apple hey, hey, hey, hey apple.....knife"

*apple gets sliced apart*
by Jonesus April 15, 2011
The color you pick after all of the good colors are gone.
Damn I wanted the blue spoon. I guess I will take the orange one.
by Patrick James Kelly April 03, 2011

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