a hybrid of marijuana
let's go smoke some orange
by pansy April 12, 2005
a term used to describe a female who has a fake tan, shows off excessive boob-age, wears excessive makeup, and is otherwise scantily clad.
molly: hailey, see that chick? she's so fuckin' orange.
hailey: ew i know, i just saw her nips.
molly: ew, i think a chunk of makeup just fell off of her face.
hailey: ew, that skirt is so short i can see her fucking ovaries.
by mewmeowhottness June 17, 2009
A prescription med, brand name suboxone, drug name buprenorphine. Orange in color and flavor due to a chemical added to make it impossible to inject. Can only be taken sublingually or nasally. Much like methadone, it is used to replace a physical addiction to opiates such as heroin, morphine, vicodin and oxycontin. It can also be used to take the edge off opiate withdrawal. It may send an opiate user into a life threatening state of precipitated withdrawal if used while opiates are still in the system.
After you've haven't done any shit for about 36 hours, or whenever you start getting the sniffles, do a small line of orange. It'll feel like you just snorted Tang, but it'll take the edge off right away. Don't do orange for more than 3 days though, because once you get on that stuff it takes even longer to kick.
by Pretty Turd February 13, 2007
Slang term for high-fives.
That guy just peeled me some mad orange!
In the bay, a high quality strain of Berkeley weed that is extremely expensive.
damn we gosta hook it up with some orange
by Ryan Simon November 16, 2004
Someone or something that is believably ugly or gross.
Eww that chick is so orange
by Nevermindthetime July 03, 2009
Orange is a verb to describe what happens when you go to the bathroom and orange stuff leaks out because you're taking the weight loss pill Alli and ate some fatty food.
I'm taking Alli and just ate a double quarter pounder. I know I'm going to orange later.
by anothergirl January 01, 2012
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