Literally a word with no meaning.
A reaction
GUY-"I think we need to break up"
by SMK99 October 20, 2014
What you say right as you realize that you have no chance of becoming the U.S. President anymore.
"Oops." -Rick Perry
by Ninjablonde25 November 10, 2011
verb: To consume alcohol by way of a soaked tampon inserted in the vagina or anus.
Suzanne surprised everyone by secretly deciding to oop on her last night in Palm Springs.
by OopMister April 28, 2009
out of position means you are the player to act first in poker games.
and fold that J8s preflop. its garbage in a raise pot oop.
by old_boy13 October 28, 2010
word from the old-english dictionary.
To bind with a thread or cord; to join; to unite.
And thy shall now oop your shoe-laces, for thy is to be ready for battle.

by link0007 September 13, 2006
"out of place"

Happens to a person in a group who cannot relate on the group's topic.
I felt oop everytime they talk about sex.
by `dEmOn June 10, 2008
Verb: The act of throwing something down a girls shirt, whether it be a small piece of paper, a coin, or a small child.
I was at lunch the other day, sitting next to one of my lady friends, when all of a sudden i felt the need to oop a quarter down her shirt.
by Ub3rtuba February 27, 2009

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