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how the british say "hoop"
benny is out playing with his oop

we brits love our oops!
by jeny September 02, 2007
to use in a conversation to state "i am preventing or no longer interested in any intelligent discourse" and also used in response to being told a story of someone doing something crazy or stupid.

1. lame guy: man this party kinda sucks...i think im gonna split.
loud guy walking away: oop

2. sap: so i was sitting around smoking pot with my friends when this chick called me up. i hadnt talken to this girl in like 2 years and we had hooked up or whatever. turns out this chick had been around the block the few times and just then she called me to tell me that she could have given me a variety of stds. i was shocked..."
stoned guy: oooop
by pdizzlescrizatchdojamaster March 04, 2007
What comes out when you are too lazy to put "s" at the end of the word "oops".
Oop, I forgot to wipe on my shit in the bathroom.
by Farooq June 08, 2005
In Dark Age of Camelot it means out of power.
The healer is oop and now we are fucked.
by Krakatau October 01, 2003
'oop','poo' backwards.
"oh shit, I just stood in 'oop'!"
by Joel1337 September 05, 2006
Poop without the "P"
I made an oop in the toilet.
by Can of Worms November 04, 2006
when you are hitting it doogie style, instead of going in the cutter, you shove it in her butt and when she turns around with a suprised expression on her face, you say, "oops"
"oops, my bad" hahahahahaha
by Kyle March 14, 2005