Poop without the "P"
I made an oop in the toilet.
by Can of Worms November 04, 2006
A small noise generally made when you caress someone, gliding your finger gently across their skin from their belly button to their thigh. (Normally in a sexual manner)
An oop escaped their lips as I gently caressed their skin.
by TSJ June 08, 2005
abbreviation for "out of point."
"What are you talking about? Don't you find this topic oop?"
by chiak March 18, 2005
poo splelled backwards
oop is poo spelled backward
by alex January 07, 2005
when one has lost count of one's prescription medication; particularly benzos
"How many Xanax did I take? I think I oopsed"
by oonagh January 16, 2004
An acronym for Obscured Oriental Posterior Situation. When one comments to a friend on the attractiveness of a girl's backside only to later realize that the subject in question is asian.
Whoa dude, check out the ass on the girl in red!

Who? That one?

Oops, my bad.
by The Duke of Santiago August 17, 2008

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