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what the fuck did you just do!
"THIS red button!?"
by cath January 14, 2004
210 153
The most dreadful word in nuclear physics.
OOPS!!! (Chernobyl, 26.04.86; Chelyabinsk-40, 29.09.57; Three Mile Island, 28.03.79; etc)
by ex-physicist May 14, 2008
116 72
What you say right as you realize that you have no chance of becoming the U.S. President anymore.
"Oops." -Rick Perry
by Ninjablonde25 November 10, 2011
69 29
Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented programming methods, as opposed to procedural programming, which expressly supports reuse of program modules
nerd: ever since I learned about OO programming, i never wrote non-OO code..I love OOP..
by ahmed, yo! November 05, 2003
97 65
a potentially vague, yet promptly conclusive statement used with the intention of relieving or emphasizing certain failure induced through an alleged mistake made by the directed force or specimen.
Johnny cut the red wire, which painfully ended the life of the poor kitten. If he instead had the presence of mind to cut the green wire, the kitten's life could have been saved, and himself avoided the criminal consequences of abusive animal treatment. Oops.
by Great Spike II February 23, 2010
47 18
The place where a suspended account goes on Yahoo! Answers.
After last night's raid on the Cat's section, Doc got a one way ticket to Oops.
by Lililf April 15, 2010
35 14
the greatest apology ever
Person 1: You ruined my life!!!!! *runs away crying*
Person 2: oops?
by Dat 1 Lil' Whyte Boi January 05, 2006
19 3