1. (used to express mild dismay, chagrin, surprise, etc., as at one's own mistake, a clumsy act, or social blunder.)

2. Word that comes to mind after living a YOLO/ "Cause I'm young lifestyle" and it catches up to them.

3. Word used to describe in hindsight of ones mistakes.
Facebook Status: 6:31pm-Parents are out of town, party at my place, BYOB and tree #YOLO

10 or so mip's later

Facebook Status: 11:15pm OMG Party shut dwn by da po po's. #OOPS
by RustyPineapple April 04, 2012
Out Of Party

In mmorpg slang. A player that works with the party, but is not in it.
That healer is going to heal oop, so we can lvl faster.
by arehn nwn April 30, 2009
how the british say "hoop"
benny is out playing with his oop

we brits love our oops!
by jeny September 02, 2007
The sound that occurs before an Irony
Joan: I hate Ugg Boots
*Joan has an Ugg boot thrown at her, hitting her in the face and killing her*
by Kawaii Koneko Ichigo April 07, 2009
A one word euphemism for sexual intercourse, especially regarding drunken and unplanned encounters and/or one night stands. Seen mostly in text messages sent to one's best friend the day after commiting said drunken act.
sms from Brook to Jake: "Oops."
sms from Jake to Brook: "Who'd you fuck."
by StarQueenBitch April 17, 2010
When you roll two blunts together.
"rollin two phily's together - in the bridge we call em o-ops"
by Joey October 12, 2003
When you do something really good. And you expect props from your peers. Also a Michael Jordan raise of the hand while saying it always too.
Make all cups in beer pong. OOPS

Dunk on some bitch in basketball. OOPS did i do that.
by Shalley Dalley October 25, 2010

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