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Suzanne is the #153 most common female first name.
Out of many more.
It is an original, and unique first name.
Mean graceful lily in Hebrew.
Come from Susanna a name in Hebrew.
a French, German, and Hebrew.
A very unique,special, different.
Hard to find, hard to keep.
picky girl.
"Wow, Suzanne is really different, but shes awesome"
by SofiaIsRight May 29, 2008
1. Suzanne is a common female given name that was particularly popular in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. It remained in the top 200 most popular names in the United States between 1930 and the late 1980s. Suzanne was originally the French form of Susan or Susanna, but it has also been regularly used in English speaking countries since before the start of the 20th century. The name is from the Hebrew "Shoshana," meaning "lily". It may also be spelled Susanne, and common diminutives are Sue and Suzy.

2. A very sexy woman, possessing extreme intellect and taste.

3. Someone to die for.
"Suzanne, you are made of win!"

"Boy, that girl Suzanne is so gorgeous, I would die for her"
by Russell W August 16, 2008
Dominant in Relationships. Someone Loves Them Right Now.Freak in Bed.Always Wants the Last.Caring. Smart. Addictive.Attractive.Loud.Loyal.Easy to Talk to.Hard to Forget.Love at First Sight.Everything You Ever Wanted.Easy to Please.The One and Only. Ultimate Sexiness
that suzanne s sooo sexyyy
by annalyse October 07, 2009
A beautiful, wonderful person. Very loving and caring. A lady who will do anything for you. One of the most amazing people you would meet.
Suzanne, Your so gorgeous! Your loving and soo amazing!
by Best.One.Out.There. December 04, 2010
A lady of letters who loves to entertain. She lives for the glory of being center stage and has a surprising business mind. Weird and different things are found attractive to her. She is blunt, straight forward and doesn't lie. Scared of feeling captured and loves change. Loves adventure and travel. Dominant and attractive personality. Loud and never missed in a crowd. A complete people person who gives the best advice and can read people.
There's something about Suzanne that makes it impossible to stay away from her.
by svrjvr January 21, 2015
Suzanne is a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters. She loves to sing along to Taylor Swift. Suzanne can often be found hanging around at playgrounds trying to pickup daddies.
Suzanne really loves rocking out to Taylor Swift.
by baconator jr November 27, 2014
a person that gets engaged at the age of 15 to a paedophile beacause she's pregnant, usually ugly
guy 1: hey is that girl pregnant?
guy 2: yeah, apparently she's engaged to that child molester down the road
guy 1: woah, she's such a suzanne
by qwerty2468 May 15, 2011
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