Official On Field hat. A hat that the majors in the MLB wear while they are on the field. Authentic. Almost 100 percent of the time the hat is the same colors as the team colors. *Look for the full sticker across the bill.*
1. Quan, Taurean, and Jerry I just got that new Yankees OOF.
2. Mack-8 do you see that guy with the purple and orange Atlanta Braves hat on..... WTF IS HE THINKING?!? He needs an OOF.
by Mack-VII March 25, 2010
Northern British slang: move to immediately, pass to immediately.
oof it here!
oof it out the way!
oofed it away!
by Humwaw April 09, 2010
used to add emphasis to, or augment a sentence. shows dissatisfaction or very basic appreciation, depending on the tone used.
1) mocono doesn't show support, or like our t-shirt designs! oof.
2) does anybody have the notebook for sale? i just need it for very basic appreciation. OOF!
by Sean MT December 11, 2007
The backwards spelling of Foo.
Marisa: my best friend gio is an oof.
Gio: well, my best friend marisa is an oof.
by FunnayBunnay. September 03, 2009
An expression used to signify annoyance in the Bengali language.
Rajib: Oof! I thought I told you to stop pulling up your dress!

Molly: Sorry!
by Rajib/Molly June 03, 2005
You use oof! right after you unleash a beastly dis on a punk ass
Ralph: (to Claude, the orphan) Hey Claude, where are your parents? OH WAIT! OOF!

Lil Wayne is a douche OOF!
by Phanntom August 18, 2009
Like "i'd tap that"
Oof is used to begin another common phrase referring to the want to sleep with some one
"Oof I would"
by ThatGirlSally August 08, 2008

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