E-mail shorthand for being out of the office. Originated inside Microsoft and stood for "out of facility."
"I'll be OOF Monday through Wednesday. Elaine will handle the Tuesday conference call. Take any emergencies to Tim."
by Ironmaus November 28, 2011
Over Obsessive Fan

Person 1: Did you see the way Tori was at that concert last night?

Person2: Yea. I didn't know she was a O.O.F
by random anonymous person February 11, 2009
A word that is mainly used when somebody trips and falls. It is more commonly used by girls when they fall on their face. It translates to qianbi in chinese
1. "Ack! OOF"

2. "Oof. Just fell flat on my face."
by Aurora Cecile Johnston December 26, 2010
An air-dried vagina making a noise similar to a yetti.
Her vagina oofed after a long night of vigorous intercourse.
by Chives12345 June 03, 2010
(oo-eh-f)=verb, When a panda has sympathy for you because you have S.T.Ds
Jonathan is pissed because oof.
by Alec1234 November 22, 2010
An exclamation of displeasure in seeing an unattractive female from a distance. Said loudly and quickly, usually accompanied with a quick head turn away.
Bro 1: Get on that over there. *Points towards unattractive girl*
Bro 2: OOF! *turns away*
by HoboStrikeForce August 18, 2011
Official On Field hat. A hat that the majors in the MLB wear while they are on the field. Authentic. Almost 100 percent of the time the hat is the same colors as the team colors. *Look for the full sticker across the bill.*
1. Quan, Taurean, and Jerry I just got that new Yankees OOF.
2. Mack-8 do you see that guy with the purple and orange Atlanta Braves hat on..... WTF IS HE THINKING?!? He needs an OOF.
by Mack-VII March 25, 2010
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