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fabric softener sheets stuffed into a cardboard tube (usually a toilet paper roll). Used as a means to filter marijuana smoke from the air. The smokers exhale into it, causing a fresh smell to eminate out the other end.
Dude, my parents are home. Use the oob so they dont suspect nothin.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
Coming from working in the state office, it means Out Of Bussiness.
That restront closed. Now it's an OOB
by KMDarland September 11, 2005
An obese person's arm. Only used affectionately, never derisively.
Gertrude has gooshky oobs. She may be fat but she's not an ugly person.
by pentozali December 30, 2005
Coming from the game of Golf, "Out Of Bounds". Refering to the ball landing outside the field of play.
Your ball is oob.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
The anonym of the word newb.

An annoying person who is so experienced at a game/activity that they become enfuriating to play with or against.

Gamer 1- Goddamnit that level 70 Paladin just killed me three times in a row!
Gamer 2- Fucking Oobs...
by uwanttruthitellz July 26, 2009
Used when a girl has one boob larger than the other. because it is half the size it is therefore not called a boob, but an oob.
That girl I pulled last night had a major case of OOB
by RUN March 05, 2012
An acronym for "OUT OF THE BOX". Generally referring to computer software having some feature without the need for modification, patches or updates.
The newest Excel can analyze data into pivot tables OOB.
by A Kidd July 29, 2012
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