Oh My Daaarling! or Oh My Daaarlings!
Used by celebrity fashion designer Malan Breton
OMD! I just heard there is a sale at Gucci!
by greasyspoon December 21, 2010
Oh my deity. Less cliché alternative for oh my god, or omg.
Omd. Are you kidding me?
by drfunky October 06, 2010
Its mean oh my devil.. its like oh my god but with devil.
Ashleigh- omd, there is a spider on my bed!!!
me- kill it then u retard!
by pizza_lover_girl! October 21, 2009
an abbreviation for oh my dog. the word dog comes from god spelt backwards. people who cant say god or omg say omd.
person 1: omd that girl has a huge nose
person 2: your right. i would still date her thow
person 1:haha you would
by <therealshit>! December 28, 2008
Outside My Demographic
Small Jones went back to the Commons where he used to kick it back last year. The new crowd there was crazy young and none of his regular peeps were there. All they had at the bar was a spritzer menu. He told me it was a very "omd" moment and he had to bolt.
by qthrul May 02, 2008
it means o my dam for those who dont want to say omg cuz its so dam annyoing
Dude1: hey man u hear they shot TJ
Dude2: omd really when.
by ChevalierOz March 22, 2008
"OMD" is an acronym for "Oh My Dog". Generally used as an expression of disbelief or surprise. It originates from You Tube video "Oh my dog... - talking cat" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LBKVXyrHcw)
Variations include "OMF" Oh My Fuck, which describes a state of anger or frustration. And "OMFD" Oh My Fucken Dog, which is a mixture and hightened expression of shock, anger and disbelief.
OMD, i can't believe you just did that.
by t-pot boy February 03, 2009

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