oh mo dhia!!! (pronounced oh muh yee-ah)

oh my god (omg) in irish
omd where did my guiness go?!
by irishgal444 February 03, 2010
Oh My Damn!
Person A: Did you hear about Sally hookin up with Jenny??

Person B: OMD... NO WAY!
by Lex222 March 17, 2010
Oh My Dog.
spelling God backwards for people who dont like saying Omg cause its overused.

also,is a common mistake when writing "oh my god".
dude 1-omd,you'll never guess what happened!!
dude 2-OMD what!!
dude 1-oh,my dog just died!
by iLoveRockAndRoll December 22, 2009
Oh my DICK!
An expression paralleling OMG, but much more effective to use in any situation.
A: "Hey, I just fucked your mum!"
B: "OMD, you're a faggot, fkoff"
by Ffejmania November 06, 2009
It's use for Demi Lovato's fans, it would be stood for "Oh My Demi"
OMD, that's a relly cool song!!!
OMD, she'll come to Costa Rica!!!
by DisneyFanDEJOSELMI July 19, 2009
OMD: Oh my dinkles.

-A term commonly used by band geeks during marching season and even during concert band season. Instead of saying "Oh, my dinkles," a band geek may just exclaim "omd." Dinkles are a special type of shoe that marching band uses on the field.

-Also, OMD may be used instead of OMG. Just because it's a band geek thing.

-First used: when a band geek was drawing band stuff on her folder in her english class, her fellow band geek asked her,
"Cool treble clef! Didn't you say you were going to draw your dinkles?"
She then said, "OMD! You're right!" and drew the dinkles.
1: So, are you forgetting anything?
2: No. Oh wait, OMD!

1: Hey, did you know that he didn't make All County Jazz Band?
by Roxie2426 December 31, 2006
Oh My Daaarling! or Oh My Daaarlings!
Used by celebrity fashion designer Malan Breton
OMD! I just heard there is a sale at Gucci!
by greasyspoon December 21, 2010

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