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A gay person from Oklahoma.
I met an Oklahomo the other day.
by Justin October 30, 2003
A gay person from Oklahoma
"I'm beginning to wonder if Zeek is an Oklahomo"
by hughmonger October 29, 2003
a homosexual from the state of Oklahoma. Usually its easy to tell if someone i a normal gay person or a oklahomo. Oklahomo's are a lot more boring then your average gay guy.
good. there were a lot of oklahomo's though.
by rockstar4 July 11, 2010
What Anti-Oklahoma people call Oklahoma.
Me: I hate it here in Oklahomo.

Chick: Yeah, me too. Let's hump with the cows as the sun rises.

Me: I'll get the LSD.
by Cheesecake Truck January 04, 2005
A southern fried punk rock band from Austin, TX. Started in 2000 by Jefe Malaka on guitars and Loonz on vocals. The band released a single on the soundtrack for the movie "College" (2008 Lionsgate / Element Films).
The Oklahomos
by nitrocw April 10, 2010
A gay person from Oklahoma.
Don't be an Oklahomo!
by Sethzky September 05, 2008
the homosexaul from oklahoma,also mean the gay people in oklahoma.
We have a lots of oklahomo in Oklahoma!
by Trbnist September 29, 2010

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