the word means ok or yes and great
this word is owned by Tom Kelly and no-one can use it but him.
Person1: i'll meet you @ 1
Tom Kelly: Okies:D
by Mach4 February 27, 2005
Top Definition
A less formal way of saying Okay. It is given as a cheerful, bright... less intimidating response. It is also more used online rather than irl.
someone says "I'll be right back"
You reply with "okies"

Someone is doing something that doesn't bother you, you reply with "okies"...

someone is annoying you and your pissed off you say "Okay".. not "okies"
by anon March 05, 2004
another word for ok e.g. OKies,YOYOYOYO
Bill: you alrite
Ben: im gd
Bill: Okies
by Checken April 15, 2008
an agreement, can be used like ok
or may be used as an acknowledgement
"meet you in town today" "okies"
"hey i saw you-know-who on the cam today" "okies"
by daniel mcleod April 08, 2004
Generic off-brand, Cheap Shoes
OKIES!!! they make your feet feel fine OKIES!!!
they cost a Dollah Ninety-nine
by urbanguttah May 14, 2005
a completely inane and unintelligent way of responding to any and all statements and questions. It invalidates any form of sapient nature in the human being using it, and very possibly rips a hole in the space-time continuum that grows slightly larger every time this word is used.
sUpa C00ol D00d: I'm going outside now.

h0tt13 4 l1f3: okies!

sUpa C00ol D00d: I'm really gay lovers with your identical twin cousin Enrique Pablo Martinez. How does that make you feel?

h0tt13 4 l1f3: okies!


sUpa C00ol D00d: I'm missing my Backstreet Boys CD. Have you seen it?

h0tt13 4 l1f3: okies!

by E. Greye January 02, 2007
A word deriving from the English word Okay. Many gay people use this form of the word "okay" just to put more emphasis on their homosexuality. Girls use it too. They are often activists for homosexuals.
Chronic IceT 456: okies

He obviously likes boys.
by David Adzhiashvili August 09, 2004

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