a completely inane and unintelligent way of responding to any and all statements and questions. It invalidates any form of sapient nature in the human being using it, and very possibly rips a hole in the space-time continuum that grows slightly larger every time this word is used.
sUpa C00ol D00d: I'm going outside now.

h0tt13 4 l1f3: okies!

sUpa C00ol D00d: I'm really gay lovers with your identical twin cousin Enrique Pablo Martinez. How does that make you feel?

h0tt13 4 l1f3: okies!


sUpa C00ol D00d: I'm missing my Backstreet Boys CD. Have you seen it?

h0tt13 4 l1f3: okies!
by E. Greye January 07, 2007
A word that I made up one day and it somehow spread around the internet... wow... its another word for ok..
don't really have one...
by Nikki February 26, 2005

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