Someone so troll like and freakishly inhuman that they think they think they're sexualy irresistible! Taking pictures posing as dutty emos against a wall aiming to look 'hot.' They usually have retarded email addresses such as caveboy@live.com or fredlikesjaffacakes@hotmail.co.uk. In reality these people are socially retarded and at the bottom of the social ladder, making them complete losers.

Some may speak to an Ogg out of pitty, however in fear of becoming socially outcast they will only do so over msn and will NEVER add/accept them as a 'friend' on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.
In school and Ogg will be the boy or girl at the back of the class who draws pictures of emos kissing in the rain. In the hall ways cool people are likely to spit on Oggs or trip them, perhaps even shove them into other Oggs at an attempt of making an Ogg couple. This is known as Oggmaking, similar to match making but including to hideously ugly, socially retarded, freaks of nature.
Hot Guy: OMG, are you seeing what I'm seeing? Is that Ogg trying to sit on OUR side of the cafeteria? WTF is he doing? Let's go and piss in his lunch!
Friend of Hot Guy: Ahh but he may like it! And we can't risk that! I pissed on my ex girlfriend, she seemed to like it...
Hot Guy: That's true man, I mean she was fugly but not an Ogg like this guy, we can't risk him thinking we're offering him friendship, which may mean he'll think he's wanted on this earth and may mean he won't go home and commit suicide tonight :/
by Ogg_Haterz February 20, 2011
Top Definition
an open-source lossy audio compression algorithm similar to Mp3 but with better quality per bit
Stiff Little Fingers - Johnny Was.ogg
by SyxPak August 25, 2003
Stands for Original Gangsta Gangstaaaa

Someone who is so overly Gangsta you know you gotta add another Gangsta just to keep it real
Damn you see that bloke he is so damn OGG
by TheOrignalGangsta February 02, 2011
Verb - a suicide-attack used against an opposing player. From an Online Multiplayer game called Netrek, Circa 1990+.

Roots of the verb began when a player who was playing for the origin team (O), with player designator 'g', used the tactic to sucessfully defend an area of the Netrek universe. (All players had a 1 character representation on the graphical screen. This particular person's Designation happened to be "Og" at the time).

Enemy ships would take damage not only from your weapons, but also from the subsequent explosion of your ship.

Ogging, or "to ogg", is now considered to be a standard online gaming tactic; and has been used for over a decade in Netrek.
Ogg the Starbase!
Watch out, I'm being ogged!
Ogg him!
by CWK December 16, 2003
An OGG is an msn emoticon used by a select few, it is a god among legends and is a law unto itself. It makes its own language, its own rules and all must abide by it. If anyone crosses it expect an untimely death. If you don't give this the thumbs up it warrants, expect a visit from the OGG,
by Dat OGGY July 19, 2008
1) Pre-homosapien which has little comprehensive and speaking skills and compensates by using few (or none) articles, verbs, or prepositions in speech similar to that of Tarzan.
Also, refers to himself in the third person.
2) Someone who seems to have the mental equivalent of the above.



2) That guy Brett is such an Ogg.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
Original Gospel Gangstas. A rap group started in the early 90's which includeds former bloods and crip gang members. Their rap music is west coast style and centers around their previous gang lifestyle, a rebirth into Christianity, and a call to others, especially gang members, to change their ways and follow God. Their music is considered very contemporary and non-religious, and has even drawn comparisons and recognition from Snoop Dogg.
The new OGG album "Flood" is off da hook!
by jr_spi July 25, 2006
An abbreviation of Oh, Goodness Gracious!
Sylvie: Dude, I think we have a quiz in english today!

Natalie: O.G.G. I didn't study...I'm gonna fail!
by Starfish12345 November 12, 2010
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