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Verb - a suicide-attack used against an opposing player. From an Online Multiplayer game called Netrek, Circa 1990+.

Roots of the verb began when a player who was playing for the origin team (O), with player designator 'g', used the tactic to sucessfully defend an area of the Netrek universe. (All players had a 1 character representation on the graphical screen. This particular person's Designation happened to be "Og" at the time).

Enemy ships would take damage not only from your weapons, but also from the subsequent explosion of your ship.

Ogging, or "to ogg", is now considered to be a standard online gaming tactic; and has been used for over a decade in Netrek.
Ogg the Starbase!
Watch out, I'm being ogged!
Ogg him!
by CWK December 16, 2003
A Robot controlled player in a multiplayer game.

From an online multi-player game called Netrek, Circa 1990+. A robotic player wuld randomly spawn into the game; with a team deagination of "I" (Independent), and usually is the 17th player (as most games are 16 human players, numbered 0-9, a-f). The next game "slot" is number 17; which is designated by the letter 'g'.

Hence, the robotic player usually has a desginatin of "Ig", and is affectionately known as "Iggy".
Damn! Iggy is on my tail.
I'll ogg iggy to get rid of him.
Dont take planets out of T mode, or you'll sic an Iggy on us!
by CWK December 16, 2003
Craigers is a debilitating disease in males whose only side effect is that it makes its carrier painfully sexy. Although Craigers itself is not contagious, those who suffer from it are often carriers of another highly contagious disease that severely inhibits the ability of an infected female to keep her clothes on.
"My Craigers is acting up again. My dick won't stop throbbing."
by Cwk September 24, 2013
a bunch of boring mothafuckers who dont selebrate birthdays
they feel it is there goal to anooy the fuck out of normal people
ben- did you talk to those Jehovah's Witnesses bible fags
christian- nah just told the fags i was buddist, stupid cocks
by cwk April 04, 2006
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