Someone so troll like and freakishly inhuman that they think they think they're sexualy irresistible! Taking pictures posing as dutty emos against a wall aiming to look 'hot.' They usually have retarded email addresses such as caveboy@live.com or fredlikesjaffacakes@hotmail.co.uk. In reality these people are socially retarded and at the bottom of the social ladder, making them complete losers.

Some may speak to an Ogg out of pitty, however in fear of becoming socially outcast they will only do so over msn and will NEVER add/accept them as a 'friend' on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.
In school and Ogg will be the boy or girl at the back of the class who draws pictures of emos kissing in the rain. In the hall ways cool people are likely to spit on Oggs or trip them, perhaps even shove them into other Oggs at an attempt of making an Ogg couple. This is known as Oggmaking, similar to match making but including to hideously ugly, socially retarded, freaks of nature.
Hot Guy: OMG, are you seeing what I'm seeing? Is that Ogg trying to sit on OUR side of the cafeteria? WTF is he doing? Let's go and piss in his lunch!
Friend of Hot Guy: Ahh but he may like it! And we can't risk that! I pissed on my ex girlfriend, she seemed to like it...
Hot Guy: That's true man, I mean she was fugly but not an Ogg like this guy, we can't risk him thinking we're offering him friendship, which may mean he'll think he's wanted on this earth and may mean he won't go home and commit suicide tonight :/
by Ogg_Haterz February 20, 2011
An abbreviation of Original Gay Gangsters, a gang composed of entirely gay men from the mean streets.
Dude 1: Whats up with those guys over there?
Dude 2: Oh, they are just some OGGs.
Dude 1: What are OGGs?
Dude 2: They are Original Gay Gangsters, they would just as much want to pop a dude in the ass with their penis, as much they would want to pump some dude's stomach full of lead.
by Savage J October 11, 2007
A visayan term which stands for O-olipon sa G-gugmang G-gi-atay. This term refers to a person who falls extremely in love with somebody. Thus, the person becomes obsessed & martyr.
Na O.G.G si Inday kang Ondo.In english, Inday is madly in love with Ondo.
by chik October 24, 2004
Common misspelling of off
Renmus32_maaaaac : well i'm ogg

miss_moto : lol renmus you're such an ogg!
by Renmus32 August 10, 2004
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