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3 definitions by SyxPak

an open-source lossy audio compression algorithm similar to Mp3 but with better quality per bit
Stiff Little Fingers - Johnny Was.ogg
by SyxPak August 25, 2003
99 24
Weighs marginally less than an Imperial Fuckton.
1 Imperial Fuckton = 1.016 Metric Fucktonnes
"Man, I've a shitload of work this week"
"That's nothing faeg, I've a metric fucktonne of assignments due tomorrow morning"
"So, still going on the beer tonight?"
"Does the Pope shit in the woods?"
by SyxPak October 15, 2003
42 10
An IRC/online term of endearment and/or teasing
/me fluffles Seamie and skips off happily
by SyxPak March 02, 2004
29 12