Reaction of a home-theater enthusiast upon realizing a given film is being released in its Original Aspect Ratio.
"Dude, it's gonna be 2.35:1. I just totally had an oargasm."
by Greg Thompson October 16, 2005
Top Definition
something that occurs when someone has sex with a boat
OOOOOOH YES YES YES! I'm gonna come all over your poop deck! Man the lifeboats I'm gonna OARGASM!
by Danontour April 30, 2006
The state of mind when one thinks they are actually a seal. This state of mind is generally caused by idiotic behavior leading to an oargasm.

The actual oargasm sounds something like this: "OAR! OAR! OAR!" and generally includes rabid clapping like a seal.
Man, I thought she was crazy when she was making those motorcycle sounds. I never thought she'd go so far to have an oargasm.
by Jen Florentine June 02, 2006
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