Another face used on the computer, Looking like: "O.o" But with out the '.'
What the fuck was that? Oo;;
by PopPoochan! May 23, 2005
A face used in a chat room or message board to express when you are befuddled, surprised, or intrigued. Also used on internet RPG's, like Lineage.
Theaphelia: I named my new dog Siribel.
Kyusaku: Huh? Where'd you get that from?
Theaphelia: I made it up.
Kyusaku: Oh I see...o.0
by Dottina May 10, 2003

1. A commonly emoticon used on the internet to indicate confusion
2. A surprised look
3. (used to specify the feeling where you don't know what's going on)
4. Over-used in instant conversations like the internet short form of laugh out loud; "lol".

This emoticon has been used in several different ways. Some of them, you may recognize:

o.o , o.O , O.o , o_o , o_O , O_o , 0.o , o.0 , o_0 , 0_o , 0.0 , O_O , 0_0 , O.O

Aside from the ones given above, there have been several people who customized them. For example; o_______o , o_o;; , o_o" and so forth...
Examples of usage; confusion:

The knowledge kid says:
An object is a discrete bundle of functions and procedures.

MushBear says:

Say what? O_o

Scenario; lost:

Person 1 says:

The Youtube video for that is really awesome!

Person 2 says:

I know right, it's unbelievable.

MushBear says:

Scenario; surprised:

Divine Crow says:
Did you know that the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

MushBear says:
Really? O_O
by MushBear September 13, 2010
in computer science oo is short for object oriented
OO Software Development
by arikato February 07, 2008
Confused, surprised , weird out look
person1: i saw a dinosaur

person2: o-o wtf
by allisonillusion June 18, 2010
scratch your head; when you are confused
O.O?......what are you talking about?
by jmc2013 June 20, 2007
You probably typed this because you were bored and therefore clicked on the first link on your search engine which is how you are reading this and you probably know what it means, If not, then continue reading below :)

It means to be suprised, like this ---> O.O <--- (eyes open wide)

Or to be looking at someone in a "one eyebrow up" kind of way like this ---> O.o <--- (It may be flipped to this ---> o.O <--- although It does means same thing) it's a way of saying "whaaat?" or "I don't know what you're talking about" or even "don't look at me, I don't know!"

Or it can mean "I'm confused and don't understand the current situation" like this ---> o.o <--- (eyes wide open but sort of small and hidden) this may be due to confusion or maybe simply trying to look cute.

Hope this helped...Everyone has their own opinion of what it means :D <---Happy face haha :D
Look above o.o!!!
by NKSHARPSHOOTER (N.K.) August 02, 2011

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