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1. In awe of something. Hypnotized.
2. Dizzy; disoriented.
Person: Did you see the new episode?! @_@

Person: @_@ I so love him.
by Wistful June 25, 2005
A person who's insecurity is disguised as confidence. Mostly in cases of taunting.

An extreme sense of self-pride.
Arrogant boy: All the girls want me~

by Wistful June 19, 2006
Anime term: Young or underage girl.
Usually conveyed as innocent/curious and put in a tempting, not-so-innocent situation. See jailbait.
Girl: I just stayed at some guys house. He's 23.
Friend: But you're a lolikon...
Girl: I know. Hehe.

Male Over the Age of 18: That girl is way too hot to be a lolikon. o_o;
by Wistful June 25, 2005
:F or :f

Boy: :f Wassup?
Girl: ;] Nothin.
Boy: :F Oh really?
by Wistful August 31, 2005
The ; is represented as a sweat drop.

See o.o

P2: o.o;
by Wistful June 25, 2005
Sock and awe.

See @_@
Person: Wow @.@

Person: @.@ ::speechless::
by Wistful June 25, 2005
1. Get back in touch.

2. Respond to flirtatious actions.

See also holla back.
"Hollaback at me sometime."

"I ain't just gonna hollaback at you!"
by Wistful June 25, 2005
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