an interjection used to express surpise, frustration, pleasure, admiration, or awe
oo you touched my tralala.
by papermachete October 26, 2005
a black eye, almost like o.o or o.O
can also be o.Ø or Ø.o
chatd00d1: i soo beat u in tekke man
chatd00d2: yeah i like soo got a black eye o.Ø
by jimi August 17, 2004
Order of the Sloth.

A group founded in approximately 2002 which is dedicated to slowing down and enjoying life in the slow lane. Their motto is that work is you VSP or Vacation Sponsership Program and that life is about enjoying not collecting things.
Rob, a member of OOS went on a two week cruise.
by Deb March 09, 2005
OO (pronounced Oh Oh) - Owner Operator (otherwise known as a wanker)
You are such an OO! (you are such a wanker)
by MeriAnn February 29, 2008
Wide eyed and scared; panic-stricken; nigga shock.
(a nigga's car breaks down in the third ward)

"this nigga is scared of niggers...u scared, Taniqua?" O.O

"naw D'Andre, I aint scared." O.O
by dr. toofess April 12, 2013
1) Confusion or shock
2) Women breasts; usually done in CAPS.
1. o.o WTF BRO!?
2. "Hey honey! Wanna come with me and see my O.O?"
by Fr3nch fr13s August 23, 2014
'oo' pronounced: like in the words: too, new, noob, etc.
can be put in to any sentence or phrase in different moods or describing your emotion toward something or someone. basicly 'oo' can be use if your happy, suprized or confused, sad, or if you simpily got hit in the back of your head (or when you get hit by someone or something)
happy - oo (^^)

suprized - oo? (huh?)

sad - oo... (;-;)

hurt - oo!! (ouch!!)
by Gan_Ning_of_the_Darkness November 01, 2006

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