a circle with a cross, ya dumboes
if you put Ø over <object>, it means "No More <Object>" where <object> can mean anything
by your best idiot April 12, 2010
short for obama, the half white, half black democratic nominee for presidency. He likes kissing babies too. :]
Black dude:I'm gonna vote for O cause he's half Black
White Dude: I'm gonna vote for O cause he's half white....What?

Wow, if you say something racist again O gonna come from the sky and strike you dead with his messiah-like powers.

Dood, 1t w0ulI) b3.. l13k so K00l if 0 w0n, th3n 4ll teh p41n w0uld m3lt 4w4y :O
by Teh Crip of Doom October 08, 2008

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