'O' - of the(aka o', o)
o - oh
1 (most common)
A:what time is it?
B:It's 7 o'clock...

2 (street language)
A:Yo, this song is dope, what is it?
B:Gang starr tonz 'o' gunz
A:Premo is legend

3 (short cut for "oh")
B:u r not invited
A:o noo!!
by themostlv April 13, 2009
An ounce of drugs (almost always cannabis) or 28 grams
Dude im sooo stoned... i just toked a whole O!!!
by Gpaynee November 22, 2009
O.- A face used to freak someone out.
1) I seeeeeeeeee you O.-

2) I know where you live O.-

3) O.- The eye is on you.
by Keien June 16, 2006
slang term for opium
just smoked a few bowls of o
by sacredcow June 16, 2009
A Dirty South Killas word:

An ounce of something; especially narcotics.
"I just scored an ounce of dub man."
by other_guy February 06, 2004
A bitch that always has her mouth open, A.K.A. a dick-sucker.
Look at that O-faced bitch, she swallows more cum than water.
by eLTeezy August 25, 2010
The letter universal English to Spanish word maker for all white people.
White Man 1: Guys why did we go to a Mexican Restraunt if we don't speak Mexican.

White Man 2: Don't Worry Paul says hes got it covered. Apparently hes fluent in Mexican now.

Paul: {to waitress} Holar seeenora. We would like-o some nachos with guacamole-o.

Waitress: Que?

Paul: Um..(checks spanish to english dictionary) Oh! no we would not like cheese.
by Giothermal May 01, 2011

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