what u say when...
1. u have nothing to say
2. u have too much to say
3. u are offended

4. u offended someone or
5. are recognizing that someone said something but don't feel like saying anything else.
**usually goes along w/ the ASL American Sign Language sign for the letter "o".
"How was the game?" "We lost" "O"
"I hate blonde hair... no offense blonde girl." "O"
"I hate people of that race." "Im of that race" "O"
"...so that was my dream..." "O"
by whatsthename April 20, 2010
When someone says something so fucking stupid theres nothing else to say but O. Or to break an unbearable silence in a chatroom. Or when someone like evicanadian08 or jweis or aweis say something, you just respond with o. cause theyre stupid and obviously dont deserve a response.
<evilcanadian08> PERVINESS

<me> o.
by JPIZZLE 111111111 January 15, 2009
The showing of not giving a fuck on what a person has to say.
Person 1: We has so much fun today !
Person 2: O.

Ex2: Person 1: I love you
person2: K .
by xen23 November 13, 2011
Short for OK. What you do with the seconds of your life that you save with this abbreviation is up to you
"Can you get here in like 5 minutes?"
"It's an abbreviation of OK"
by The one true Neo January 26, 2016
A phrase you say when you have nothing else to say, you don't care, or you just want to say it randomly.

It is pronounced with a french accented "O".
Samuel: Hey Allen, what's up?
Allen: O.
by sparkhee October 16, 2011
when someone says or does somthing and theres so words to explain how obnoxious it was.
"i didnt go to court, and they gave me a chance to go away for 28 days instead of staying in jail for a YEAR!"

by MelanieAndKelly July 19, 2008
is used after stating a fact, opinion, joke, or sarcastic term. Can be used in any sentence.
Rebekah: You were so funny last night, every one was laughing at you.
Katie: O...........I guess thats a good thing

Bridge: She called you physco
Jill: I'm usually pretty chill.....O
by usaf8363 January 10, 2011
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