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Slang for 1/4 ounce of drugs (coke, meth..etc.) Derived from the term 8 ball. Two eight Balls = One Nutsack.
Hey man, I am going to swoop in and wanted to grab a nutsack...do you have one on hand?
by CrankinOR May 17, 2014
Something that is even more nuts than nuts, its Nutsack.

When something is so crazy it can no longer be considered nuts, it has to be nutsack. Add the word fucking for more emphasis.
You: Did you see that plane just blow-up
Friend: Yeah dude shit was nuts.
You: No man if was Fucking NUTSACK.
by IIDeltronZeroII August 13, 2010
An expression of annoyance or pain. a scrotum
Nutsack! whyd u hit me with that?
by pervertedperson November 15, 2008
The piece of cloth stitched into the interior layer of pants, shorts, and trousers, creating a cave which is often used to hold miscellaneous items. It is also colloquially referred to as a "pocket".
Oh no, my nutsacks are filled to the brim with tennis balls!
by TAJWAR May 13, 2011
to tackle someone's testicles, resulting with the person lying on the floor writhing in pain and cursing the nutsacker's existence to the depths of hell.
Man, that guy was so mad, I though he was going to nutsack me in a dark corner of the room.
by infiniti August 15, 2003
bag that protects the nuts from most outside harm

also known as Erik Wenson
Chaz, put you nutsack back in your pants!

Chaz, your Erik Wenson is showing.
by lildavis September 18, 2007
Where your nuts go
Your girl licked my nut sack last night fool, made me jizz.
by POPE August 17, 2003