deez sweaty, drippy, smelly balls of jiz between your legs.
Your woman licked my nut sack till I spooged on her face
sack o nutz
by deez nuts December 15, 2003
To show another person one's scrotum for fun and profit. Usually followed by a loud exclamation of "NUTSACK!" to alert the public.
"Hey, Bob, Look!"
"That's disgusting!"
by The Jack of Hearts September 20, 2005
psycho; crazy; a dellusional person; a presumed serial killer; this fat dyke named elaina.
"Dude, that girl elaina tried to run me over the other day."
"I sais 'hey' to her friend, and she said i was trying to steal him away."
"That chick is sooooooooo NUTSACK!"
"I know!"
"I heard she has a hair collection.."
"What a fucking NUTSACK!!!!!!!!"
by Elizabeth Jewjewski February 24, 2008
a bloke's nuts, including the skin and any other bits 'n' bobs that attach them to your dick
Bloody 'ell, talk about freezing, my nut sack's colder 'n' a brass monkey's balls!
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
The sack in which a squirrel carries its acorns
The squirrel used his nut sack to carry his acorns
by pimple goo March 11, 2003
A loose skin sack that holds nuts or balls.
Gmonk gets so excited when he beats me at golf, his nut sack tingles. He likes the feeling, but it only happens about 1 in every 20 rounds.
by JB April 07, 2003
when a person's face has wrinkles and full of lines, resembling a nutsack.
Hafiz: dad, what the hell happened to your face?
Jolo: i got hit by a truck while saving your mom, son.
Hafiz: dad, you look like a nutsack.
Jolo: siiicccck.
by saosinshitssolarpower November 26, 2010

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