The sack that holds the nuts
JB is such a "nut sack". You beat him once in golf and he acts like he can't play anymore because he is hurt.
by Gmonk April 04, 2003
A bag of nuts or a scrotum.
I got her all over my nut sack she loves my nuts she loves my nuts my nuts and only my nuts.
by can'tgetenough March 30, 2010
a playful, yet affectionate name that you and a friend call each other. Also, to be shouted out loud.
Dear Friend, How are you? Love, Your Nutsack

by Melanie R. August 20, 2006
A slang term used by US troops.

A small cloth pouch that attaches to the M249 SAW machine rifle. It holds up to 150 5.56mm linked rounds. Used when a regular 300 round drum is inconvenient for the mission.

This pouch gives the weapon the slight appearance of having an actual "nut sack".
Private Johnson... Be sure to have four 100 round nut sacks on you when were out on mission. You're the squad's only SAW gunner.
by Ihave3firstnames March 20, 2011
The sack that holds your NUTZ biotch.
(The scene: A Day At The Beach)
Yo homie, tell your girlfriend to come hold my nut sack up off this hot sand.
by MJ ALL DAY May 02, 2003
Slang for 1/4 ounce of drugs (coke, meth..etc.) Derived from the term 8 ball. Two eight Balls = One Nutsack.
Hey man, I am going to swoop in and wanted to grab a you have one on hand?
by CrankinOR May 17, 2014
when you mess up you scream nutsack
Courtney: Dude I lost your wallet.
Rachel: Oh NUTSACK.
by Imfat.ha May 31, 2010

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