See: Deez nuts.
Deez nuts in yo mouff bitch.
by Nut-Sahk. August 29, 2003

When you pass out drunk and your buds attempt to place a bare nut sack on your face and get a phot to embarass your sorry ass while you are out cold.
by Chuckie May 23, 2003
a person wearing tight jeans, white runners, any t-shirt and carry's his/her velcro wallet,cigarettes etc... in a fanny pack!
I was at hooters last night and all i saw were nutsacks and chicks in shorts from the early 80's.
by Solsy January 02, 2004
crazy-intense, way gnarly, hardcore....
dude, the bumb was totally nut sack

Your mom went nut sack on your A..
by grant sweeting March 17, 2006
A really really annoying person that complains non stop!
Beth Nutsack just got back from vacation and she is so lame!
by Larry Hilton June 23, 2003
the thing that ur mom likes to lick
no nuts no glory or, ur bitch like to lick my nutsack
by nutsack attack 23 November 24, 2005
A small pouch made of plastic that holds peanuts, cashews, or any other for of nut made for eating.
I opened the nut sack to eat some almonds.
by eazy-x February 11, 2008

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