smegma. chafing sweat on the testicles. goo on the gonads.
Man! I've been wearing this wet bathing suit ALL DAY! I have a serious, serious case of nutmeg.
by King Dude II February 12, 2010
An awesome drug. i recomend that to take it you empty some capsuls and fill them up and swallow about 18 capsuls youl be trippin for like 3 days
Those fucking bastards took my nutmeg!
by bob riley April 15, 2008
It is when a soccer ball is intentionally, cleanly, and successfully directed through the gap created by a the victim's planted legs during soccer. This usually causes a momentary stun/deer-in-the-headlights reaction from the victim because of the initial shock and disbelief of what just happened. There must be an intent on the offender's part to shoot the gap with the ball for a nut-meg to occur. If it happens accidentally, an official nut-meg did not occur.
Did you see Ronaldhino nut-meg Henry?
by x-J-D-x May 01, 2007
a simple spice often times high school students from Kingsburg, Cal. sneak out of their parents spice cabinet.

- gives the ability to levitate
- rainbow vision
- dry mouth

kingsburg dry mouth nutmeg spice rainbow vision
Dude bring your own nutmeg.
by Shirly Sheen March 31, 2011
1. a slang term for lsd. 2. also a spice often used in egg nog.
1. jimmy and jack dropped some nutmeg last night and they were fucked up. 2. every christmas i like to put a sprinkle of nutmeg on my egg nog.
by frank345 August 24, 2010
Nutmeg is when you say something that has never been said before and will never be said again Kyle Cease. One can be: dude lets bring some sprite into this bitch. another: dude maxwell coffee is the shit! The most famouse one is:Lets put some nutmeg in this mother fucker
John: Dude i cant believe you havent seen Species 2.
Dave:Dude i have a life thats a fucking nutmeg
by Hahayeaho July 15, 2008
A stupid or silly person.
See Dumbass
Car cuts the driver off, driver yells out the window:
"Hey! Nice Driving, NUTMEG!'
by Kenzan Okamoto July 10, 2008

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