when u rub ur balls after they get swety n then rub ur hand on sumones face
shit dude if u sont shut th ehell up im gonna nutmeg u
by erik March 17, 2003
1. A crazy, wacko idiot.
2. A spice
1. James: I can fly!!!! See, I'm flying!!!
Sarah: Shut up, nutmeg.

2. Add half a teaspoon of nutmeg.
by loserssayWHAT April 01, 2007
Nutmeg is what ass tastes like! It is the flavor left in your mouth after eating a gorgeous girls asshole, it is a pleasant and somewhat enjoyable aftertaste. Although if she hasn't washed in a while her ass will taste like burnt or rotten nutmeg, and that is not very good.
So did you get a taste of nutmeg last night with Danielle?
by b.ryan June 04, 2007
Used to express anger in an appropriate way. Uses vary grammatically; ranging from a noun to a verb to even an adjective!
1. You son of a nutmeg!
2. You're such a flipping nutmeg!
3. You nutmegging nutmeg!
by leaping tiger February 01, 2005
To ejaculate on a hot ass girl
"I just went and nutmeg on that bitch"
by mTIZZEL April 18, 2005

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