the rank crusties that grow on your balls due to absence in bathing
Hey joey i havent showered in days! Come smell my nut mustard.
by jonny and joey and scotty March 12, 2003
Top Definition
Slang term for sperm , jizz, cum , etc
She had lots of nut mustard with her man sandwhich
by King of Porn October 25, 2003
dry crusty bits stuck in between the foreskin
johnny scraped his nut mustard onto his girlfriends chin
by Chocistar October 17, 2003
She swallowed all of my nutmustard last night after taking the whole lenght of my love hotdog.
by Paul Bumcheeks July 24, 2003
A condiment that comes out of a wiener instead of going on to it.
He spread his nut mustard all over the buns.
by Dickslapper McCrapmouth December 01, 2011
originated in 16 century england, it is an alternative word for cum, it can also be shortened to nut
"i spewed my nut mustard in her face"
"i nut in her eye"
by squarepusher December 17, 2003
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