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5 definitions by squarepusher

greatest rapper the world has ever known
"thus i sprinkle dust on the tip of gods dick"
by squarepusher December 17, 2003
46 14
originated in 5 century taipan
someone who hoards their jizz and refuses to unload on someone unless their deemed "worthy"
joey :"that guy wouldnt fuck my sister cos shes retarded"
Dave : "jizz monger"
by squarepusher December 17, 2003
7 5
originated in 16 century england, it is an alternative word for cum, it can also be shortened to nut
"i spewed my nut mustard in her face"
"i nut in her eye"
by squarepusher December 17, 2003
6 6
to become vegtable like,after an accident.
after the car crush jimmy ended up quatrospas on a life glug in hospital.
by squarepusher February 12, 2004
0 3
a person of chinese origin
chairman mao was a ricepicker
by squarepusher April 30, 2004
16 32