Irritating little Martian.
You act like a true numbs !
by Izabella Ramonio September 25, 2003
Irritating little Martian capable of annoying Noot
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
Irritating little guy.
Who came from Mars, but adjusted badly, and started annoying everyone around him. His wish: take over the world
Don't be such a numbs!
by Esther van Holland October 01, 2003
Another expression for being drunk, promoted in the shire
hey mate, lets go to the bar and get numb
by PJ THE J March 21, 2008
chill or mellow, relaxed
This party is numb
by dlocsp October 14, 2008
New England expression for wickedstupid.
Can can take this a step futher to say wicked numb.
My God but he is numb.
by Don Smith December 06, 2003

so cool that you turn numb.
Mac Dre's songs are so numb.
I am feeling super numb right now, brah.
by Azucena August 22, 2006

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