A word that refers to a Nuclear weapon itself or the action of attacking someone with a nuclear weapon.

Has come to be used in some MMORPG games to refer to attacking a monster with powerful magic spells.
1. Let's nuke the bastards!

2. Our Black Mage just nuked the crap out of that mob!
by Vespasian August 24, 2005
to anihilate a region or country with a thermo-nuclear device, weapons which depending on the payload can kill between 3,000 and 20,000 people with the initial blast, and kill hundreds of thousands more over the next decade through radiation poisoning.
1. "MC Ian's example of nuke is a typically moronic statment. Detonating a nuke is a lose-lose scenario for all humanity".

2. "There are currently some 30,000 nukes on this planet, enough to kill all human, animal and plant life on earth forty times over. I'm glad some faggot thinks it's necessary to do that one day"
by Lazarus Ciccone April 23, 2004
The (fabricated) designer drug used in the 1991 movie, Robocop 2.
This drug was extremely addictive, and used to alter and control ones mood as one sees fit. It came in several varieties:

Red Ramrod
Black Thunder
White Noise
Blue Velvet

The most commonly used variety being the Red Ramrod.
This drug was popular due to it's strong effects and cheap price. Red Ramrod gave the user a constant high for one to two days before the effects wore off. This drug was designed by Cain, and a scientist named Hank.
Nuke came in a small pod with a needle on the end, and was injected directly into the jugular/neck. Depending on the exact type of Nuke used, effects would differ.
by Therindos February 04, 2006
An extremely ugly woman whose mere presence is enough to make a normally ugly female look attractive
Hey, did you hear about Johnny.
Nah, what happened.
We were clubbing last night and he hooked up with a "nuke".
I have lost all respect for him now.
Yeah, I'm deleting him off my Facebook for some shit like that.
by Balls are cool April 20, 2011
To securely delete all data from a hard drive, usually by overwriting the entire disc with random numbers.

A nuker is a bootable disc that will securely erase data, file structures and partition tables from all hard drives it detects. The most used nuker is Darik's Boot and Nuke (commonly called DBAN).

Always be ready to nuke your hard drive in an emergency.
Quick it's the copyright gestapo! I've got 40 pirated ISOs on my pc! NUKE NUKE NUKE!
by George McBob May 04, 2009
To overthink something, the way that a nuclear scientist would think about how to flush the toilet after having to wipe his ass with an entire roll of toilet paper.
"God damnit don't fuckin' nuke it man, just flush the damn thing!"
by free_refil July 07, 2005
To utterly destroy a kingdom in RaceWarKingdoms for profit, fun, or because the bitch pissed you off
Almo nuked me! OMGWTFBBQ

Krom has stealthily attacked Questo's kingdom destroying 1% of its assets.
by RWK February 12, 2005
a penis so large and powerful that it can easily be mistaken for a nuclear warhead
Shawn has the biggest nuke I've ever seen
by Elp swizzle September 22, 2014
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