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To place status on a person, user, or client. A title given to someone who lacks skill, or to be used as a rejective.
Man, that guy is a Nubzor.
Damn! I just got Nubzored!
by aerosol September 05, 2003
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To be poned ultra hard
One day nader fell off his quad then alex rode by and and yelled nubzor!!!
by Stevie... and jake November 20, 2008
One who pwns nubs for the majority of his existence, sometimes even during sleep. A nubzor is able to harvest pwnanas and nubhides without being pwned.
Nubspawn: dude, you are a badass
Nubzor: I am going to pwn ur nubhide, dumbass!
by Pwncake Jones June 01, 2006

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