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A man who works for the people, not the corporations or special interest groups. Devoted to end corporate welfare, corporate crime, and strengthen environmental regulations. Also dedicated to preserve our rights.
Democrats and Republicans are sellouts to the corporations. Unlike Bush and Kerry, Nader and candidates like Badnarik care about you. They're running to improve your lives, not to improve theirs.
by DrIdiot September 23, 2004
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Someone who throws nades (grenades).
CSS Player : Don't throw nades to zombies !
...(after humans fail)...
by chuck74 November 29, 2011
The name 'Nader' originates from Arabic and the word 'Nadir' meaning dear or rare.
Like its meaning a person with the name Nader is a rare friend coming along only once in a million years.
A Nader is Loyal, friendly and extremely funny. They know how to co-operate but at the same times takes crap from no one.

To summarise a Nader knows how to put a smile on your face!
Oi blad, that guy over there is deffinately a Nader, he is hysterical!
by leesh the quich August 04, 2009
On-the-go bong for hitting fat ass blunts when they get too small.
"Yo man we needa nader."
"Yeah, grab a fiji, they're the best yo!"

"That velez is so small, go to wawa we need a nader."
by Steve K wussup June 11, 2006
A man who runs for U.S. President each election year as a third-party candidate.
Nader figures that since he runs every year, he's going to have to win sometime.
by Diggity Monkeez December 30, 2004
One of them big spinny wind things in the sky that suck mobile homes up. Poor rednecks.
Brandon: I heard theres a big 'Nader coming.
Josh: Oh noes!
Kyle: Your trailers gunna blow away.
Josh: I need a hooch.
by BarnacleBill February 14, 2010
A man who, if in an utopistic parallel universe was elected as the president of the United States, would reduce the plight of people in his country as well as other countries a metric shitload more than any of his fellow candidates.
A: I don't know whether to vote for Bush or Kerry...
B: Don't be a shitmuncher and follow the polarization the mass media is feeding you. There is a third alternative. Vote for Nader.
by PoopyPoo October 24, 2004
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