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Exp. To give something a negative stature.
"Man, that is wack, yo!"
by aerosol October 28, 2003
One who thinks it's the cool thing to do, to ride the seabus, shop on Granville St., and ride it back in time to catch the Seylynn Hall punk show to see some bands youve never seen before, but seen posters for, around North Vancouver, and sport your latest Anti-Flag and/or misfits shirt, you purchased at The Rock Shop, for a hefty 30 bone.
"Hey, check out my all stars. They're striped and have studs in them."

"Fuck the government."

"Avril Lavigne is such a loser."
by aerosol March 09, 2004
To place status on a person, user, or client. A title given to someone who lacks skill, or to be used as a rejective.
Man, that guy is a Nubzor.
Damn! I just got Nubzored!
by aerosol September 05, 2003
Absolutely, with extreme or sarcastic emphasis.
"You wanna hang out tonight?"
by aerosol October 15, 2003
This is simply another example of how stupid teenage girls can be, and how blatantly homosexual males can be.

The OC is a show, came out in about 2002/3, and ex a very inaccurate example of how people in Orange County live. They live a rich, extravagant, life, with stupid situations that really make me wonder how the show can be addictive. I have watched one episode, and the whole thing was just a bunch of poor acting, with badly written drama. And I'm not uneducated to say so. There's multiple formats which shows can follow, consisting of raised stakes, and climatory action. I didn't get entertained until some guy got the living shit kicked out of him. That was kinda cool. But the girls I was with were like "OMG RYAN AND MARISSA FINALLY HUMPED." I'm thinkin, the first girl I humped I don't even think about anymore. Even though I go to school with her...

The show is just plain bad, and addictive to people with small minds. There's plenty of addictive, BAD shows out there, with good writing. 24 is a perfect example. That show's got terrible acting (a lot of the time) but it's still very captivating, and holds all that stupid bitch-drama that a lot of girls like.
"Do I look like I have a twat? Shut the fuck up, I'm trying to masturbate."
by aerosol September 30, 2005

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