New Testament (of the bible)
I like Genesis' early work, but I much prefer the NT.
by Lou Stenspayce April 07, 2004
n t
short for "not tight".
Generally used to refer to an ugly girl.
That chick is n t. She actually looks like my foot.
by KangarooZach September 25, 2006
No thanks
Player1:Hey, trade me your ak for my colt
Player2: NT
by Pepsi March 05, 2004
1) Nice Try
2) Not Today
Both of these are used right after you put in a good effort, but still lost.
Lol, Warbear2! nt!
by Warbear2 October 28, 2003
1. noob topic

a noob topic in a message board
What Is Counterstrike (nt)
by Alex July 16, 2004
Without a doubt, the best Windows operating system ever released! Windows NT is a very reliable and rock solid OS!
I'm still running NT 4.0 Workstation on my 500MHz / 128MB box.
by Nullbyte April 19, 2004
Used to turn a positive statement into a negative one.
"Wow, that was amazing!"

"Uh, nt."
by Colin November 12, 2004

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